Should I hire a Realtor?

Selecting a Realtor

Buyer Agency Agreement

Buyer Agency Agreement

Buy the Right House

>New vs. Resale

Hiring a Lawyer
>New Homes

>how to hire

Final Thoughts


Welcome to Korman & Associates's Online Real Estate Learning Series. This online seminar is designed to inform you about realtors, finding the perfect home and hiring a lawyer to assist you in the transaction.

Buying A Home: What You Need To Know About Realtors And Finding The Perfect Home


  • Understand the role of the Realtor in a real estate transaction.
  • Learn how to hire and get the most out of your Realtor
  • How to choose the right kind of home bearing in mind future demographics.
  • How to use the Internet to help find a Realtor and a home.
  • Learn to evaluate new versus resale